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Let's Build A Bridge!

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

You may have noticed (if not, you will now!) the photos of bridges on my website, as well as the bridge artwork in my office. I've always been drawn to bridges as a metaphor for the way I visualize what I do as a therapist; provide safe passage for my clients as they journey from one destination to another. I like the idea that a bridge, like therapy, is a functional, sometimes scary, yet always beautiful pathway connecting us from a part of our life we are ready to move on from to the next place we are meant to be. And, just as some bridges can be longer or shorter, simply designed or more complex, built in a straight line or curved, feel treacherously high & scary or safely lower to the ground, just as different are the pathways we take when we are working towards change in therapy. Everyone's path is uniquely theirs; each is lovely and worthy, and each takes us exactly where we are meant to go - forward.

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